Discuss: BSD Protection License

Thorsten Glaser nirwana at ecce.homeip.net
Tue Mar 12 18:32:27 UTC 2002

begin  electrogrammati illius Colin Percival

>[ Please discuss this license.  Is he reinventing the LGPL? ]

He is rather re-inventing the GPL. The remaining code is
not GPL compatible and can't be linked with the GPL,
except if the license does allow upgradation to the GPL
(I only read it quickly, so I didn't check exactly).

But then the great idea of this license, being more
compact and 0% political as opposed to the (huge
and GNU poisoned) GPL, gets vanished.

So this is a no-no. Maybe "reinventing" the LGPL
(by changing the conditions about which parts of
composed code must be under $thisLicense) would
be bad, but a bit better (the LGPL is even more
polemic and huge than the GPL).

Yes, I am root on my box, my friends' boxen and my mailgate.
And yes, I do know how to handle it. Yes, I know about kill-
rules, too. So WTF do you still bother filling my syslog?

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