request for approval of APPOSL - going by the numbers.

dave sag dave.sag at
Sat Mar 9 10:50:06 UTC 2002

Hi Russel,

It's with my laywers now.  Let's see what they have to say.

His initial impressions, and mine, seem to be that regardless of 
whether you apporve or disapprove of a 'rant', if the licence upholds 
the principles of free software then it is certifiable.

we'll see what mr fancy-pants lawyer says before I push this further. 
I believe I have until the last wednesday of the month before the 
board meets to review the APOSSL.



At 12:43 AM -0500 9/3/02, Russell Nelson wrote:
>dave sag writes:
>  >    We state
>  >
>  >      4. The term pronoic should be used to endorse and promote 
>products derived
>  >         from this software before obtaining written permission. For written
>  >         permission, you must contact contact at
>Dave, we have been asked to approve political rants couched in the
>form of a license in the past, and have refused.  I expect fully that
>this will happen again.  Do you still want us to put your license to a
>vote, given this information?
>This is not to say that I disagreee with your rant, with political
>rants specifically, or even ranting in general.  Go ahead!  Have at
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