request for approval of APPOSL - going by the numbers.

dave sag dave.sag at
Wed Mar 6 21:59:34 UTC 2002

Hi OSSL experts,

In my earlier posts to licence-discuss at I failed to 
follow protocol and snagged myself on a couple of silly 
misunderstandings.  For this I apologise.

I have now followed from the list at and hope that 
this meets with your approval.

1. the licence is available as html at
    the same licence is available as text at

2. APOSSL is closest to the Apache licence.  The Apache licence is 
insufficient for our needs as our mission is to promote pronoia, and 
pronoic attitudes in the minds of developers who embrace and extend 
our software.  the specific differences are:

   The Apache licence, from which APOSSL is derived, states:

    4. The names "Apache" and "Apache Software Foundation" must not be used to
       endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior
       written permission. For written permission, please contact
       apache at

   We state

     4. The term pronoic should be used to endorse and promote products derived
        from this software before obtaining written permission. For written
        permission, you must contact contact at

The difference in these clauses highlights the difference in approach 
we take to software development, intellectual property and software 
goals.  At the top of APOSSL we define the following terms

     For the purposes of this licence, the lower case use of the word
    "pronoic" either within or without the use of quotes, shall mean the
     belief that forces are conspiring to make life better for you.
     The Canonised version of the word "Pronoic", either within, or
     without quotes, shall be taken to mean Pronoic Ltd a company registered
     in the UK and whose information is available at

The intent of clause 4 is that people are encouraged to think about 
and to describe their work as being pronoic, ie as being part of a 
greater conspiracy to make life better.  we encourage developers do 
this before, or if ever, seeking permission to use the term.

This difference is crucial to us here at Pronoic Ltd.

3. As far as I can see the APOSSL will not taint other licences. 
Because clause 4 of our licence does not contain any enforceable 
requirements, but recommended behaviours, I can't see how it can 
taint other licences.

4. I have cc'd a copy of this email to to license-approval at

I look forward to parts 5, 6, 7, 8 and then to being able to 
contribute our software to the free software community under an OSI 
Certified mark, all while simultaneously promoting pronoia as a force 
for good in the world.



A pronoic person looks at a glass half full and knows it was poured.
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