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John Cowan jcowan at
Tue Mar 5 19:57:26 UTC 2002

dave sag wrote:

>> # 4. The names "Pronoic", or "" must be used to endorse and
>> #   promote products derived from this software before obtaining
>> #   written permission.

> No. There is no requirement to use the term pronoic unless you get 
> written permission to do so.

For Ghu's sake, read what you have written.  You say "must be used".
Do you actually mean "must not be used"?  There's a big, big difference!
It now sounds like you want to forbid people to use the names without
permission (which is quite legitimate; they are de facto trademarks),
but urge them to obtain permission.

> If you do use our company name or url you 
> must get our permission.

In other words, "must not be used [...] before obtaining written

> If you wish to use our company name or url 
> you must ask, and by asking you must use the term.

Okay, now you are saying "You must not use the terms without written
permission.  If you have requested and obtained written permission,
you must use the terms."

If your license *said* that, it *might* pass muster as Open Source.

Writing a license is like writing code: you are talking to a very
literal-minded individual who will do just what you say.  Which is
why not everyone can write code, and not everyone can write a
usable license.

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