request for approval of APOSSL

dave sag dave.sag at
Tue Mar 5 17:50:12 UTC 2002

the key here is the qualifying 'before obtaining written permission'. 
should you NEVER obtain written permission you never need endorse 
anything.  if this is not clear from the wording then i am happy to 
ammend the clause for clarity.



At 12:29 PM -0500 5/3/02, Forrest J Cavalier III wrote:
>dave sag <dave.sag at> wrote, in part
>>  Clause 4 does NOT require promition of derivatives at all. Should you
>>  never obtain written permission, you never need endorse anything.
>4. The names "Pronoic", or "" must be used to endorse and
>     promote products derived from this software before obtaining
>     written permission.
>You argue that the clause means "must be used WHEN endorsing and
>promoting".  My interpretation, on the other hand, is that as written
>it compels you to endorse and promote products.
>What interpretation do others make?
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