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Martin Konold konold at
Mon Mar 4 13:08:32 UTC 2002

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Roberto Bonino wrote:

> My worry is the other way around:
> can a nonGPLed software be built around processing and exchanging a GPLed
> XML schemas?
> For example imagine I release a GPLed  XML schema for car part description,
> call it carXML.
> Can somebody write a commercial, nonGPLed program that relies largely or
> totally  on processing and exhanging carXML compliant files ?
> The software would not "include" carXML as part of the code,
> but would be totally useless without acces to it.

IANAL: The GPL does not regulate the use of the copyrighted SW but
distribution and modification. Therefore I assume that the above scenario
is not prohibited by the GPL.

At least in Europe it would be even unlawful to restrict the development
of competing sw which wants to interoperate with your XML schema based

-- martin

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