Legal soundness comes to open source distribution

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Aug 14 04:12:32 UTC 2002

David Johnson writes:
 > On Tuesday 13 August 2002 08:52 pm, Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > Oh, it's *always* had to be changed.  Anybody could insert
 > > restrictions on use into a license and ask us to approve it.  Since
 > > the OSD says nothing about a license not being allowed to have
 > > restrictions on use, we would have to approve the license.
 > Please, please, please, please guarantee the right of users to use Open Source 
 > Software! Please. Everything else in the OSD is meaningless without it.

Yup, which is why the DFSG is so pathetic as a legal definition.  I
laugh at Bruce Perens when he says that we've changed the OSD too far
away from the DFSG.  We haven't changed it enough!

But anyway, feel free to propose language.  I've had my shot, and been 
shot down.

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