Open Source Click-Wrap Notice

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at
Sun Aug 11 12:32:04 UTC 2002

Er, I agree. :-).  But, as an open source author, does the limitation of 
liability protect me?  The contract that the end user clicked is between the 
distributor and the end user; does it protect the original developer, who is 
a third-party?  (Or is the distributor is seen as an agent, facilitating a 
contract on behalf of each developer?)

>Good, common sense.  That is why I suggested in the notice that you
>there be a simple procedure to review all the licenses...
>OSI-approved licenses.  For many of us, that may be all we need to know
>without reviewing each license in detail.  We will click on "I AGREE"
>knowing that we are agreeing to something reasonable.  But we will still
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