Open Source Click-Wrap Notice

Carol A. Kunze ckunze at
Sat Aug 10 17:09:39 UTC 2002

"Lawrence E. Rosen" wrote:

> To: License-discuss
> After private follow-up discussion among interested parties, I am
> proposing the following Open Source Click-Wrap Notice that can be used
> for the distribution of open source software.
> I seek the review of the participants on license-discuss, followed by
> the approval of the board of OSI to post this on the OSI website as a
> recommended solution to the click-wrap problem.

I think this discussion is very useful.  However, it is surely beyond the
purview of the Open Source Initiative to provide legal solutions for
potential warranty liability.

On the other hand,  this work does need to be done.  And it needs to be done
by a combination of lawyers and open source developers.  But the issues are
much more legally complex than the discussions that have occured on this


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