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Thu Apr 25 08:15:38 UTC 2002

Dear members of this list,

Searching for acceptable Open Source licenses, I stumbled across the 
so-called Bixoft Public License. Apparantly, this License is still a 
proposal (is it in the OSI License Approval process already?), but it seems 
that the authors want to combine the strong points of several other existing 
OS licenses in one overall License. The result is a rather lengthy, but 
well-documented License that can be found here:

Anyone care to comment on this one? It looks interesting to me, but I'm 
still quite new to Open Source licensing, and besides the GPL, Mozilla, and 
BSD licenses (and some other approved licenses) it is not easy to 
distinguish between useful and not-so-useful OS licenses.

Sincerely yours,

Francis Baker

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