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DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Apr 25 12:18:43 UTC 2002

> If I legally aquire a piece of software then I have the legal right to use it 
> for any legal purpose. Period. As a resident and citizen of the United 
> States, this right is granted to me under both Copyright Law and the US 
> Commercial Code.
You do not aquire a piece of software, you just aquire a right to use it
in certain ways.

On the other hand there is a natural right to examine what one has in his/her hands
Please do not treat the users as consumers, they are not consumers they are
human beings who like to discover/examine (hack and crack if you want to call it
in that way) new things. It is natural and it is their natural right

> If I have not agreed to this license prior to my aquiring the software, I am 
> not bound by it.
If you did not then you should not have get the software itself :)
If you managed to get it well you were lucky :)
De Bug
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