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Sat Sep 29 21:31:55 UTC 2001

begin Thorsten Glaser quotation:

> pine over 28.8 modem??? hehe...
> but the mailing lists are o.k. for me, they can be fetched
> using popclient quite well...

The nice thing about using a bidirectional netnews/e-mail setup is 
that you can participate, equally well, from whichever side you prefer.

And this setup certainly _would_ be practical using a netnews client
over a 28.8 modem.  If you think otherwise, then you are probably used
to dealing with large news-servers -- ones aiming to carry a significant
fraction of _Usenet's_ traffic.  Please understand that this would be
rather different, and disjoint with the content of Usenet.

I'll say this for a second time, to reinforce the point, and then shut
up about it:  Sites accessible only via Web browser can be colourful,
"friendly", and comprehensible even to business executives.  But since
they prevent technical users from using their preferred tools, prevent
them from enjoying proper threading and filtering, and otherwise have
crippling flaws, they inevitably (and deservedly) fail as mechanisms for
serious technical discussion, despite designers' valiant efforts.

To misquote Henry Spencer, those who do not understand netnews are
condemned to reinvent it, badly.

PS to Thorsten:

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