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> Another thought:
> Many high-traffic lists (of which I'm not sure l-d really qualifies)
> have a "news" summary that's posted periodically, usually weekly.  This
> usually covers highlights of recent discussion.  Examples include
> kernel-traffic and Debian Weekly News.  This might be another solution
> to the current problem.
> Peace.

I was just thinking about this... kinda.  The highlights part anyway.....

After posting and playing with the PHP-Nuke forums test-site I did mention to 
the board the thought of using this type of site in its original intent, a 
news site.

Currenty I feel its a bit of a pity that Gems like this 
( are lost 
to the ether or tucked away in the old-news sections of /. (for which there 
isn't an open-source 'topic' per se.  And newsforge is just way to busy.  In 
a good way.

I'd like to use this php-nuke thingy to post this type of story in a k5 type 
manner.   I hope the k5 reference isn't lost on 
anyone.  8^)

This particular tool, I feel, is best suited to this type of thing.  Its a 
nice way to catalogue o.s.-ish news chronilogically.  And though the webforum 
isn't something that those who are technical users may prefer it is the 
default way that newbies would be accustomed to.

I just talked myself into it.  That's a damn good idea.
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