GPL vs APSL (was: YAPL is bad)

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Wed Sep 26 01:21:55 UTC 2001

on Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 02:08:26PM -0400, Greg London (greglondon at wrote:
> % OSD 2:
> % The program must include source code, ...
> %
> % When some [program] is not distributed with
> % source code, there must be a well-publicized
> % means of obtaining the source code 
> %
> % preferably, downloading via the Internet without charge.

> (B) somewhat implies public distribution by mentioning "internet" and
> "well-publicized".  but it is possible to distribute a binary and give a
> URL that requires a password for those you allow to download the source
> code.  and such a way could be "well-publicized" even though the
> password is not public.

...which negates "means" if the well publicized site isn't such.



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