YAPL is bad (was: Re: Backlog assistance?)

Rob Myers robmyers at mac.com
Mon Sep 24 10:05:23 UTC 2001

on 24/9/01 7:55 am, Rick Moen at rick at linuxmafia.com wrote:

> I note that Russ invited my comment on the APSL publication clause.
> I am trying to ignore the gratuitous personal gibes, and will keep
> doing so, but, on the other hand will accept his invitation.

Can people claiming (or wishing) to represent opensource.org please act like
professionals in dealing with issues they regard as annoying. I know it's
difficult but I've seen people lose perfectly valid arguments on the basis
of over-reaction to personality rather than debate. And you'll get quoted on
news sites.

> ...it introduces a novel obligation to disclose one's private affairs.
> The licence must not attach any obligations to usage of the covered code
> that is entirely internal to the non-public affairs of the individual or
> organisation using it.

Well, that's the GPL out for starters. :-) Apple's distribution clause is
extroadinary in its legalese not its intent, and IMHO robustness and clarity
of licenses is good.

- Rob.

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