Backlog assistance?

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Sat Sep 22 08:04:51 UTC 2001

I think it's a real pity, because it slows down a lot of effort in the
Open-Source direction/community. The OSI approval has become a guarantee for
developpers and companies who want to use open-source softwares. And so
they're currently stuck with the ones already approved. Not letting a better
chance to newer (and so probably better, because of years of experience of
the problems that already happened).

Also in the advocacy section of the website, they say that there are proof
that it's possible to make business with open-source licences. The 2
examples are Caldera and RedHat... in 1998 ! When you see the situation of
Caldera moving as fast as possible from oepn-source to make more valuable
business and RedHat, as the other distros, is still not profitable. So I
think that keeping the Caldera example on the website is at least
counter-productive (for anyone following the news) !

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| Greetings all..
| I was recently browsing through the list archives here, and noted that a
| few weeks back Russell Nelson <nelson at> stated something to
| the effect of:
|  > Why isn't it approved?  Because we got hideously backlogged.
| And so, I have a couple of questions..
| First, are things still backlogged, and if so, how much?
| Secondly, assuming that there is still a backlog of some degree, is
| there anything that I, as a newbie to this group but a reasonably
| legalese-savvy and intelligent open-source advocate might be able to do
| to help out in this regard?  I can't necessarily promise huge amounts of
| spare time for such things, but if there are things where having another
| set of eyes in the loop here and there or having somebody to help
| organize some part of things would help with, or whatever, I'm willing
| to do what I can to help.
| (I started looking at this list because I'm currently in the process of
| finishing up a license document which I was looking at submitting, but I
| figure if folks are currently backlogged I should do what I can to
| reduce that situation before loading you all up with more stuff :) )
| -alex

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