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John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Sat Sep 15 15:28:23 UTC 2001

Steve Lhomme scripsit:

>  Now my question is : what OSI-approved can be used in dual-license with
> another commercial license ? I know that MPL can be mixed (id that correct
> english ?) with GPL, but what about the others and what about other licenses
> ? A simple table with crosses where the mix work could help ;)

Any license can be mixed with any other license, as far as you the author are
concerned.  You can say things like "If your surname begins with A-M, you
are licensed under the GPL; if it begins with N-Z you are licensed under the
BSD; if it is not written in Latin script you are licensed under the MPL."
Silly, but no problem.

You just have to make sure that any contributions you get from others are
also licensed under this same license.

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