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Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Sep 6 04:31:17 UTC 2001

Robin \"Roblimo\" Miller writes:
 > I personally checked Tina's NewsForge story before publication. She did
 > not use any of the personal attacks that have appeared on this
 > discussion list,

Darn!  I worked hard on them!  :-)  Good ad-hominem is hard to write.

Otherwise, Tina's story was fine, except perhaps for saying that we're
mired in bureaucracy (if I'm a bureaucrat I should at least get an
intern, or two).  What we're mired in, more than anything else, is the
responsibility to never screw up (again).  If you had to be perfect,
you'd work what? slowly and carefully, that's right.

The last time we worked quickly, on a deadline, we approved the APSL
1.0.  Anybody got a problem if we don't do that again?

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