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Wed Sep 5 21:13:56 UTC 2001

Hum, there are some things i did not like in reading this article, but in 
general it's correct.

One thing remains form this article, I heard your scream for help Mr. Russ 
Nelson, and IMHO, i will review those licenses ASAP.

A note to Tina Gasperson, please keep in mind that this is a open mailing 
list and sometimes people are flaming, their day has not been that good and 
getting critics from something they do as volunteers makes them angry, it 
is understandable.

But one thing remains true there has been no reply to the proposal posted 
by SamBC, i think that the OSI board maybe has to much to deal with, and 
they should hire some more volunteers to be part of the OSI board , if you 
can't do it right, then don't do it, that's my motto, you must agree that 
the situation deserves criticism, don't take them as destructive critics, 
nobody is trying to put you down, you have done a great work, i think we 
are all just sorry to see the quality of that work diminish, our proposals 
are suggestion, or constructive criticism to help you out, but if you the 
OSI board, remain silent, we have no way of hearing your part of 
the  solution.

We are trying to be problem solvers, not problem makers, "help me help you".
(Yes, it's a quote from the Jerry Maguire movie)

At 19:03 05-09-2001 +0000, M. Drew Streib wrote:
>For those that haven't seen, NewsForge is carrying a none-to-flattering
>story of the discussion on this list these past couple of weeks:
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Thank You for your time, Best Regards, and Have a Nice Day...
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