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On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Joseph Reagle wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 September 2001 15:03, M. Drew Streib wrote:
> > For those that haven't seen, NewsForge is carrying a none-to-flattering
> > story of the discussion on this list these past couple of weeks:
> >
> Yes, it's weird when people do reporting by quoting folks in an email
> thread: some things are a little off.

I agree.  I wish they had, rather than using a single quote from the
mailing list, use the list as a guide for the people to whom they
should direct questions, and what questions to ask.

First, it appears that Russ was contacted regarding the article, but
those who were actually quoted (such as myself) were not.

For instance, when it is said "speculation that Rosen was making all
the decisions for OSI behind the scenes," it was apparently not clear
that I later - and before Larry responded - corrected that speculation.

I made that speculation before I saw Michael Tiemann's brief discussion
of how the OSI works - and I stopped speculating that when I did see

As another, it looks like there is some significant lag between article
research and publication, because last I heard Daniel MD *didn't* want
anything licensed under his proposed license.

> C.
> > Another post in support of certification of the W3C license
> > asked the board why it had not been listed. "Actions the W3C
> > would apparently like to take -- including hosting Amaya
> > on -- depend upon this approval, which has
> > been pending for over a year.
> This is an uncited (by Newsforge) excerpt from Matthew Weigel [0].

No, it was cited - it was a two-paragraph quote with the cite at the

And it looks like I was wrong.  It's been so long since the W3C license
was discussed, that I forgot.  I kinda wish they'd verified that with
someone from the W3C.  Better I look like a fool than my words be given
more weight than they deserve.

> upon the OSI list as a white list, they're willing to accept other
> projects at their discretion; they've kindly accomodated HTML Tidy
> under the W3C software license.

This, at least, was addressed by the article.
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