Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Oct 31 14:00:27 UTC 2001

Abe Kornelis writes:
 > Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > 
 > > [  Please review this license.  If you do so promptly enough, we may
 > > be able to include it in tomorrow's board meeting.  -russ  ]
 > --
 > This raises some questions. We recently had a lengthy discussion
 > on the speed with which licenses are handled by the OSI board.
 > It's good to see that speed is attempted, but it leaves me
 > wondering when other license proposals (4 in wait, as far as I know)
 > will be discussed on a board meeting.

They're on the agenda also.

 > But speed has its disadvantages. You sent your mail at 11:40 Eastern
 > Standard Time. For us in europe that is 17:40.

We don't meet for another 7 hours from now.

It's obvious that this license will take a lot more discussion.  I'm
not going to put it on the agenda (although of course other board
members may choose to introduce it).

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