Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

David Johnson david at
Wed Oct 31 03:08:55 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 30 October 2001 06:24 pm, email at wrote:
> =Patents must be novel (that is, it must be different from all
> =previous inventions in some important way).
> =
> =Patents must be nonobvious (a surprising and significant development)
> =to somebody who understands the technical field of the invention.

Unfortunately, the patent system is no longer being run by logic, common 
sense, or even the LAW. It's being run by lawyers.  Despite our veneer of 
civilization, might still makes right, and the lawyers have a monopoly on the 
application of "might". The law means whatever they say it means.

(Yes, I'm cynical today)

The current system is based on "whoever filed first". It may not be the 
"law", but it is the practice.

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