Is inherited class a derivative work?

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Wed Oct 24 23:01:15 UTC 2001

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> I must conclude that you are simply too attached to your
> desired outcome
> (that you have complete meglomaniacal control over your software)
> that you shall ever refuse to acknowledge just how out of whack that
> last statement of yours actually is.

No, it has nothing to do with it. Otherwise you would imply that every author
not giving away the rights to his/her creation (book, movie, song, painting,
house design, etc.) wants to have a "complete megalomaniac control" over their
creation. If you feel that the Copyright law should be abolished altogether,
that's a different story, but if software is considered to be "literary work"
and is specifically listed as subject to Copyright law, then I don't see a
reason to treat it any differently than that.

> I withdraw.

That's a shame. I hope, you'll reconsider.


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