Is inherited class a derivative work?

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Thu Oct 18 17:41:38 UTC 2001

Angelo Scneider wrote:

> As I pointed out allready: linking to an API is not, I repeat: not a
> derived work.
> "derived work" is a legal term. You can not redefine it in your license.

I didn't say I agreed with the FSF/RMS interpretation, I just mentioned
what I remember it to be.

One of the threads here on license discuss was from November 1999,
where RMS posted into "Re: Can Java code EVER be GPLd, at 
all?" and a followup thread.  (I seem to recall there were other
threads on this topic, which also resulted in him posting, but I
do not have URLs.)

But you can go back and read the thread.  Here is one of the 
RMS postings, (but do read the thread for important context.)

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