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Steve Mallett steve at
Wed Oct 3 07:51:38 UTC 2001

Sorry for the cross-post.

A recent discussion took place on 'license-discuss' concerning forums, news, 
discussions.  Here is one of the resulting exchanges (Karsten & Myself):
I just built this: (yes, playing on k5) hoping to 
recruit some volunteers to submit items that are of interest to their o.s. 
interests.  FSB & L-D are likely the most interested parites.  

Yes, people can & could submit /. articles, *but* it's also, and mostly, for 
the o.s. news that would never make /. headlines.  Stuff like: Interesting 
discussions on (these two lists), Debian Weekly News, conference 
announcements, interesting blog news, exclusive on-line articles...
Stuff that there is _no way_ everyone would be able to see because it's 
spread out on so many different sites/lists/magazines/etc 

Steve Mallett 	

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