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Wed Oct 3 13:25:03 UTC 2001


Peter Thoeny is going to set up a new web for "my" experimental uses,
including this purpose.  I don't know exactly when it will be set up,
and I've suggested the name Wikilearn (which is the name of the site
I've been working to set up).

If this link doesn't work
(page doesn't exist or something like that), try this link:

Randy Kramer

PS: I know I didn't explain much -- if you want to add comments, click
on a link that says something like "Comments on the previous

Then, on that page, click on the Edit link at the bottom of the page. 
Saving is a two step process -- first you preview your changes (Preview
Changes button at the bottom of the edit page), then save your changes
(Save Changes button at the bottom of the preview page).

I've applied a primitive form of locking to the other pages to avoid
changes to the text of the license or Open Source definition.

Randy Kramer wrote:
> I have taken the liberty of making a TWiki page (actually pages) of the
> first license listed below.  The intent is to provide a means of easily
> commenting and accumulating comments on the license, mostly on a per
> paragraph basis.
> Please try it out at:
> Some notes:
>    * To add comments you will have to register on by going to
>  (Don't be put
> off by the "Authorization Failed" message, it is there because that page
> is called on other occasions when the message is appropriate.)
>    * I've also included the nine paragraphs of the open source
> definition with the ability to comment on each of those.  (The intent is
> to allow comments re the license under consideration -- does it fail to
> satisfy one of those paragraphs.)
>    * I have written to Andrew Josey (the person requesting approval of
> the license) to confirm that he has no problem posting his license in
> this manner.  He asked that I remove his telephone numbers which I have
> done.
>    * Currently the page is setup so that you go to another page to read
> (or add) comments for each paragraph or section.  In a few days, I will
> make an alternate view (Bookview) which will show all the comments on
> the same page as the license.
>    * Let me know what you think at some point.  I've corresponded with
> John Cowan about his Elephant project, and this might be considered an
> interim approach until his project is ready.  It did take a fair amount
> of work to set this up the first time, but if it proves worthwhile, some
> parts of the setup could be automated and/or required of the applicant.
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