binary restrictions?

Ned Lilly ned at
Tue Oct 2 22:04:09 UTC 2001

Hello all,

Apologies if this question has been covered before.  I haven't been
on this list for many months.

Is anyone aware of a license which permits source access and
modifications, patch contributions, but restricts the right to
distribute compiled binaries to the sponsoring organization?

So if I started project Foo, anyone could download from, use
Foo in their business, modify the code at will, and submit patches
(if desired) for consideration by Foo leaders.  Anyone could
redistribute the "official" source (but *not* modified source).  But
only Foo, Inc. could redistribute binaries.

Have I missed something obvious?

The situation I'm contemplating is for a new company, with privately
developed software.  No patent or third-party issues to worry about,
just a desire to protect the application from whole-cloth hijacking
by bigger fish.

Any comments welcome.


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