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Tue Oct 2 13:45:46 UTC 2001

I have taken the liberty of making a TWiki page (actually pages) of the
first license listed below.  The intent is to provide a means of easily
commenting and accumulating comments on the license, mostly on a per
paragraph basis.

Please try it out at:

Some notes:

   * To add comments you will have to register on by going to  (Don't be put
off by the "Authorization Failed" message, it is there because that page
is called on other occasions when the message is appropriate.)

   * I've also included the nine paragraphs of the open source
definition with the ability to comment on each of those.  (The intent is
to allow comments re the license under consideration -- does it fail to
satisfy one of those paragraphs.)

   * I have written to Andrew Josey (the person requesting approval of
the license) to confirm that he has no problem posting his license in
this manner.  He asked that I remove his telephone numbers which I have

   * Currently the page is setup so that you go to another page to read
(or add) comments for each paragraph or section.  In a few days, I will
make an alternate view (Bookview) which will show all the comments on
the same page as the license.  

   * Let me know what you think at some point.  I've corresponded with
John Cowan about his Elephant project, and this might be considered an
interim approach until his project is ready.  It did take a fair amount
of work to set this up the first time, but if it proves worthwhile, some
parts of the setup could be automated and/or required of the applicant.

Randy Kramer

Peter Thoeny,

Just for your information.  I think this might be considered TWiki
advocacy or publicity ;-)  I hope you can leave the necessary pages on
the Test web for the foreseeable future.  If you must take them down,
I'd like to get copies of the .txt files to preserve.  (I believe I can
do this myself, as long as I have notice before you delete the files,
assuming the files still have global read permission.)

Randy Kramer

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Karsten M. Self writes:
>  > I'll be happy to share my own methods of organizing, reading, and
>  > reviewing mail.
> If your tools are so good, why haven't you said a word about the three
> licenses supposedly under current discussion?  To remind you, and
> everyone else:
>  > is characterized by two conflicting desires:
>  >
>  >   - Maintain a record of all discussion (or other relevant data).
>  >   - Summarize, filter, and associate the most relevant data.
> Nahhhh.  I just want to keep a record of the discussion about every
> license in one place.  That way, when we board members go to review a
> license we can see everything you've said about a license.  And we
> want the same thing for you, so that you can go look at the list of
> licenses and see what other people have said.  And if nothing has been
> said, then perhaps you want to say something.
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