Dual license?

Kenneth Geisshirt kenneth at geisshirt.dk
Tue Oct 2 13:03:56 UTC 2001

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Mark Rauterkus wrote:

> I think ALL Gov software -- since it is PAID for by PUBLIC funds -- and used
> for a PUBLIC purpose, should be with PUBLIC licenses.

I agree - and some Danish government agencies do, too. That's why this
project must be Open Source.

> PS:
> > 2. If you are not an educational institution any derived work not be
> >    public available.

Sorry, typing error. The idea is to force non-educational to publish
derived work (substitute last not with must, please). GPL can do that, I
guess, but let us assume that I wish to be more liberal with educational
institution (they will never compete on the commercial software marked). 


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