The Invisible Hand

Greg London greglondon at
Mon Oct 1 14:41:06 UTC 2001

"Free" is the right word for some people,
because free software is right for their situation.

"Open" is the right word for some people,
because open is right for their situation.

The conflict arises when people confuse 
"what is right for them" 
and mistakenly think they have figured out 
"what is right".

It is a common human condition that everyone
(including myself) suffers from occassionally.

The best I've come up with is to try and remind
the person that whatever 'truth' they've come
up with is not necessarily the best for everyone.

RedHat may be right for me.
Suse may be you're best choice.  
KDE versus Gnome, Xemacs versus vi,

And if I can't the person to acknowledge that
'vi' is not the best editor for everyone, 
at least I can walk away in peace, rather than
get wrapped up in a flame war.

I've gone through the decision making process,
and I've figured out what's best for my situation.
If they want to go off on some rant of 
righteousness, I don't have to waste my
time to listen.

I just have to remind myself in the midst of the emails...

Greg London

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