Bits of perl redistributable under LGPL?

John Rowe rowe at
Mon Nov 26 20:36:48 UTC 2001

I would like to write myself a little library to release under LGPL 
(the 'L' is important here!) and it needs a regexp package. I could use 
Henry's but would prefer to use perl's. 
So here's the question: if I'm able to snip out the regexp code from 
perl and make a few modifications am I entitled to release it under 
LGPL? (With full attribution of course.)

My feeling is that under the terms of the Artistic License I can 

a) I can easily satisfy two of the four possible conditions (LGPL must 
count as freely available and there is no executable to rename).

b) There is no requirement to release any changes under the Artistic 
License, just 'Freely'.

c) The Clarified version is listed as GPL compatible and there seems 
nothing to stop it from being LPGL.

It's been a while since I looked at any of the regexp stuff in perl so 
I don't know if it's practical to extract it but I certainly don't want 
to waste a lot of time on it only to find it clashes with the Artistic 

Thanks for your time

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