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David Johnson david at
Mon Nov 19 05:30:54 UTC 2001

On Sunday 18 November 2001 07:29 pm, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Please look at the Python Software Foundation license:

This license appears to conform to the OSD, and to be GPL compliant. I see no 
reason not to approve it. However a few comments are in order:

"accessing and otherwise using Python 2.1.1 software in source or binary form"

If this license could be templatized, so it is not specific to a particular 
program and version, it could then be used by many other projects, and 
wouldn't have to be re-approved for each Python release.

"Licensee hereby agrees to include in any such work a brief summary of
the changes made to Python 2.1.1."

It would be nicer if this wasn't so vague. Just what is a 'brief summary'? 
Will standard code comments of the sort "the old way was stupid" count?

"By copying, installing or otherwise using the software, Licensee
agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License

By merely following standard copyright law, the user will not violate any 
terms of the license. This clause is redundant, in my layman opinion, since 
the only way to violate it is to violate existing law. In addition, it 
specifies that one "agrees" simply by executing the software, a right that is 
granted to the user. How can I have the right to use the software if the 
exercise of that right automatically indicates my acceptance of unrelated 

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