Usage of Open Source Licensed software as service

Chris Gehlker gehlker at
Tue Nov 13 17:25:35 UTC 2001

On 11/13/01 8:43 AM, "Ruslan" <contact at> wrote:

> i am not into thinking to restrict people who use my code todo something,
> i am thinking about legal issues (or problems, or decisions) person can run
> into, if uses open source code for creating dynamical pages on some site.
> should it show their code to the users who browse this pages?
> or it is enough to provide a link to my website for a code?

They only need to provide the code if they "distribute" it. Even then, they
only need to provide it to people to whom they distribute it. Just using it
to generate pages doesn't count as distributing it.

In this case you are the only distributor so you are the only one who needs
to show the code.
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