Open source shareware?

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Fri Nov 9 16:07:20 UTC 2001

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> Chris Gehlker scripsit:
>> As someone with some code on Open Source disks I'm afraid I can't agree.
>> They may own the media. They may own the very generous rights that I granted
>> them in the license. They certainly own any improvements that they may have
>> made to the original program. But the original program is still mine.
> You are still the *copyright owner*.  But the particular *copy* belongs to
> the purchaser of the disk -- after all, the ocpy is *on* the disk.
> It's like buying a book.  When you buy a book (copy), you own that
> copy, and you can use it for anything you want (except that you can't
> hang the pages of it in your art gallery, because that is public display).
> The copyright of the book of course remains with the author or publisher.

I realize now that you were talking about owning the media. It brings up an
interesting question. If I were to buy Win XP and let in register itself to
my computer, is there some way to unregister it so I can sell it? (Assuming
for the sake of argument that someone could be dissatisfied with and MS
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