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Fri Nov 9 11:27:00 UTC 2001

KMS> Greg Aharonian has been floating this around a few lists recently.  It's
KMS> an interesting compendium of some relevant case law and other citations.
KMS> Greg wants to make the case that computer software should not be
KMS> copyrighted, and that it should instead be patented.
I have subscribed to the list hoping to talk with the people who care
most about free software but at the moment i am disappointed.
This is my last post here for a long time since now
To my mind software cannot be neither copyrighted nor patented
Here is why:
When people have limited resources they somehow have to decide
how to share them. The notion of property comes to the scene.
When resources are unlimited one does not need to solve the
problem how to share the resources. Property is secondary to the freedom
to use. If someone tries to take control over unlimited resource
it looks like he wants to become a master where it is absolutely
unnecessary. Since unmaterial things are unlimited they cannot be
a property. So intellectual property is a nonsence, copyrights are
nonsence, patents are nonsence. If you still dont understand my
point then be prepared to live in a world where someone will try
to own the processes going on in your body (chemical reactions, your genome etc)

The whole question is about who controls what. I avoid control
everywhere it is not necessary (where it actually does not harm anyone)

I have asked you several times how can i avoid controlling my software
but it seems the only solution is to remove unjust laws - the laws that
postulate and regulate the control of unlimited resources...

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