lesser GPL restrictions

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 8 13:51:10 UTC 2001

>> So if Microsoft takes some cool parts of Linux and incorporates it in
>> Windows (assuming for a second that it's legally possible), you would be OK
>> with it?
Yes i would. I would like windows to be better. But i will tend
to support Linux more than Microsoft (well as long as it is more free)
I see no problem here.

DJ> But other than damaged sensibilities, it wouldn't harm anything. No money has 
DJ> been lost. No source code has been damaged. No *additional* restrictions have 
DJ> been imposed. No objective damage has occurred. The only offense has been 
DJ> subjective hurt to people's feelings.
Well here i must recall the bible story: why do you complain that those who
has been working only a couple of hours for me get the same amout of
money as you got and you was working all the day. Did not we agree in the
morning that you get 1 coin. And I want that others would get the same
amout regardless of for how long they worked.

DJ> Those feelings are important so they need to be taken into account.
So i think feelings should not be taken into the account.
The strength of open source is not in restricting bad things but in
encouraging good things.

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