lesser GPL restrictions

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 8 10:32:11 UTC 2001

egc> But the scenario is still irrelevant, because your focus
egc> is on who BENEFITS from the open source, not whether or
egc> not the open-source author is HARMED.

egc> the work of the open source author is not HARMED
egc> by -anyone- BENEFITTING from his/her work.
In general i do agree with Greg here. So open-source
is not harmed. However there is one BUT
I am as the author of the source code must have the possibility to
compete with others who try to benefit from my source code.
If there is no liberty in competition then i am as the
open source author can be HARMED. But i am harmed not by the fact
someone is benefiting from my source code but i am harmed by
not being allowed to compete on the same market.
( read the "Use & Compete Right" below :) )

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 DeBug                            mailto:debug at centras.lt
The Use & Compete Right:
Everyone is free (libre) to use(buy and consume) and compete(produce and sell)
if that does not restrict anybody else the same right to use and compete

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