Anti-spam filter on the mailing list

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Nov 8 04:36:07 UTC 2001

Hi.  You're subscribed to one of the mailing lists I adminster.
Here's how the anti-spam filter works: the first time somebody sends
email to the list (e.g. a spammer), their address is added to the
approved posters list, but their email is intercepted and sent to me.
If it's not spam, I forward it to the list.  If it is spam, I delete
their address from the list of approved posters.

This algorithm fails under two circumstances: when spammers send spam
twice from the same address, and when I go away.  The first has proven
not to be much of a problem, except for the occasional careless person
who reports the spam to spamcop (if you do that, my chosen remedy is
to unsubscribe you from the mailing list).  The second is a problem
only in that somebody must repeat themselves if their email does not
appear on the list.

I'm going to be away from my computer until late on 11/14.

-russ nelson <sig at>
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