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John Cowan cowan at
Thu Nov 8 03:33:04 UTC 2001

Chris Brien scripsit:
> Hi
> I sent this to license-approval at, and I thought it might be
> agood idea to post it here too.
> ----
> I'd like to submit a license entitled "The Poetic License" for OSI approval.
> The text of the license is available at

Well, I think your license is an open-source license, pretty much comparable
to the MIT license.  I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for OSI to approve
it, though.

BTW, what the preamble says is not true.  You can't do anything you want
to a piece of software just by refusing to accept the license.  The law,
not the license, forbids you from copying, distributing, and making
derivative works.  But since your license allows these things, and
doesn't break any of the rules, it's open-source anyway.

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