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on Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 01:00:53AM -0000, Chris Brien (christopher_brien at wrote:
> Hi
> I sent this to license-approval at, and I thought it might be
> agood idea to post it here too.
> ----
> I'd like to submit a license entitled "The Poetic License" for OSI approval.
> The text of the license is available at
> This license is basically an admonishment of copyright, and bears most
> resemblance to the simplicity of the BSD license. It is compatible with all
> other OSI-approved (and non OSI-approved licenses) because any software
> covered by it can be relicensed.
> I don't mind this being discussed openly on the license-approval mailing
> list.

The content of this license raises significant doubts to my mind that
it's seriously intended.  A simple statement that software is being
released without restrictions would suffice.  

A license that is a non-grant appears to function largely in the same
fashion as a switch that turns itself off.  Being legally inoperative, I
see no reason for OSI to waste time considering it.


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