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Wed Nov 7 11:46:13 UTC 2001

Michael Beck wrote:

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> > ... however no one has yet come up with a licence which
> > effectively prevents forking without unacceptable side-effects.
> What unacceptable side-effects did you have in mind?

Show me the licence which prevents forking, and I'll show you the
side-effects. :) But in general: anti-forking measures typically award
a monopoly over future development to some (real or legal) person
or other entity.  Either that person or entity gets to acquire rights in

code which others have written, or he/she/it has a blocking veto
(and becomes a single point of failure).

Forking is not a Good Thing, but it's not such a Bad Thing as it's
sometimes made out to be.  It's a symptom, not a disease.

And yes, this discussion is getting to be wide-ranging and off-topic.


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