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Wed Nov 7 11:07:58 UTC 2001

Chris Gehlker wrote:

> On 11/6/01 11:17 AM, "DeBug" <debug at> wrote:
> The easiest way is to spend $30 and register it with the Copyright office.

Even if you live in Lithuania?

> They save a copy and record the date. But my understanding is that if you
> don't do that and your copyright is challenged, you can present any evidence
> you want. For example, "I posted the code to comp.lang.c++ and here is a
> copy in the Google archive with the date.

Linus he say: only wimps make backups.  Real men put their code on an ftp
site and let the rest of the world back it up for them.  I guess the same logic

can be applied to copyright ...


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