lesser GPL restrictions

Clebert Suconic csuco at terra.com.br
Tue Nov 6 21:32:30 UTC 2001

I also have a doubt about lesse GPL!

I'm writing a library which will code and decode OLE Files (the of this
library is jlibole).

I will put this library under lesser GPL!

But, this library is a basis for another library which I'm writing (both in
Java) which will code and decode Excel files.  I'm not sure just now if I
will or not put that under GPL. But... Can I do that? I'm creating the
second library under a comercial license, using my own code produced under

It's more or less the same as Rui Miguel asked. But I'm producint the both


P.S.: I'm having some technical problems about put the files at SourceForge.
If someone at SourceForge read this list, please help me! (In private
If there is another Comunities here interested in hold my project, please,
send me a e-mail in private!

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On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 06:22:00PM +0100, DeBug wrote:
> My question is what are the restrictions in lesser GPL ?
> In other words what is the difference between
> a) I write software and give it away for free without copyrighting it
> b) I write software copyright it and issue it under lesser GPL

a) anyone can make a proprietary version of your program, or proprietary
extensions of your program.
   somebody gets rich, you and the community gain nothing
   someone can link with your code and make a proprietary program, you gain
very little, the community looses in general for another proprietary piece
of software was born.

There's a c) option:

Release it under the GNU GPL: share your code with everybody and let it
evolve into stuff you never even dreamed it could do (possibly). Avoid
proprietary extensions of your hardwork by some greedy corporation

Hugs, rms

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