lesser GPL restrictions

Ian Lance Taylor ian at airs.com
Tue Nov 6 17:38:29 UTC 2001

DeBug <debug at centras.lt> writes:

> My question is what are the restrictions in lesser GPL ?
> In other words what is the difference between
> a) I write software and give it away for free without copyrighting it
> b) I write software copyright it and issue it under lesser GPL

The restrictions in the LGPL are described in the LGPL.  Basically, if
somebody distributes object code covered by the LGPL, that person must
also distribute the source code.

If you give away software without copyrighting it, insofar as that is
possible, then there are no restrictions on what somebody can do with
it.  In particular, they can distribute object code without
distributing source code.

I strongly recommend that you spend some time reading about copyright,
rather than asking vague questions on this mailing list.  There is a
great deal of information available on the web.  For example, do a web
search for ``copyright faq''.

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