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> JC> There is no such thing as software which is not copyrighted,
> JC> unless it exists only in your imagination.  As soon as a text
> JC> of any sort is written down, unless it is a mere alphabetical
> JC> list of words or such, it is inherently copyrighted by the
> JC> author.
> That's awfull !!!
> How do you prove in court that this is your software and that it is
> your right to decide how other people use it?
> Well really how do you prove it is your work(and control right) and nobody else?

By providing your work logs.
By providing design sheets.

> What is awfull is that I want to make my software not controlled
> (no one has the right to say how other people use it) - i simply do
> not put any notes about the author, make it anonymous work.
> Now it seems to be impossible to make software not copyrightable
> because someone else can write his name and claim it was he
> who wrote the software.

Everybody allways can remove a copyright notice and set hiw own on top
of the work.
So you allways need to be ready to prove your own copyright if your work
gets stolen.
A cvs (or alike) repository of the sources might help.

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