Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Mon Nov 5 15:16:39 UTC 2001

Russell Nelson wrote:
> I think we could put forth a clear case for going either way on this.
> Given how controversial it is, I think I'm going to vote against it.


Thank you, I agree that a vote against this license is appropriate.  I
don't understand all the issues, but if anything (like the patent
system) creates a situation where software licensed under an "open
source" license has less privileges than other software under open
source licenses (or software that doesn't have patent issues), I think
it would be inappropriate to call it open source.  

This certainly leaves the door open for Intel to revise the license or
for further discussion. (But I think some revision of the license is

Is it the case that all other software licensed under an open source
license might become restricted if the underlying software includes
patented technology?  If so, I think that needs to be addressed somehow,
by the OSI.  (Does the GPL manage to avoid restrictions if the
underlying software is patented?)

Randy Kramer
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