Request for comments on patents and OS licenses

Sabine McNeill sabine at
Mon Nov 5 15:06:45 UTC 2001

Dear List Scanners and Readers,

I have been lurking for a while because I try to understand how to best make
*very* revolutionary mathematical knowledge available - openly so to speak.
As a first step, I plan to upload soon - with content for
the express invitation for OS coding.

The mathematical content contains new geometric ways of measuring physics
and reveals one avenue to the mystery of pi among other things. [A version 2
of the movie pi could actually produce a happy ending!]

But theories are not patent-able... The 'vendible products' resulting from
my concepts can be classified into 3D Hardware, 3D Software and 3D Measuring
Devices and you are welcome to have a look at
for an overview.

Screenshots for the prototype of the first 3D Software package called
'Visual Data' can be found on

Thanks to a recent article in WIRED, I now want to write a patent on the
Quantum Dot and Quantum Formation.

In the UK patents that are applied for are published one year after
publication date. IBM and Siemens only look at granted patents...

But in the spirit of OS I would be willing to publish them under
open-insights IF I had the support of people who know.

To me this implies closing the gap between 'open', OS licences in Europe and
the US and patents in Europe and the US.

If there is a 'free mentor' out there, I would be most grateful. In
parallel, I am working on linking any contributions to but the
software is not quite ready, I understand.

Yours openly,

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