idle-priority: OWL R1

mirabilos eccesys at
Sat May 5 13:11:10 UTC 2001

As the feedback received on this list has not been quite
helpful I decided to rewrite it, with keeping the sense.
I mainly removed the semicolones and the lazyness clause.

I now decide to put my code finally under this released
version and just ask you to approve it when you have a
bit of time. In my eyes it meets the OSD as it is today.
It is not urgent any longer, and sourceforge will have
to wait.

Thanks to the answers I got, although they didn't help much,
and thanks to you for putting your time onto reading this.

For the interested: I upload the OWL_R1 verbatim bytestream to:
(I'd download as application/octet-stream, although the file
 itself is text/plain; charset=ISO_646.irv:1991)


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