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on Tue, May 01, 2001 at 05:18:39PM -0400, John Cowan (jcowan at wrote:
> Ben Sawyer wrote:
> > I have a project where we would like to publish the source code to the
> > project however we would like to restrict commercial redistribution or use
> > of any kind by its users.  Specifically we don't want the following to
> > occur:
> Okay.  Be aware that such software cannot be Open Source, and so its
> license can't be OSI Certified.  Nor is it Free Software.
> I'm not FOADing you, but you may get little sympathy on this list.
> > 1. User downloads software - recompiles and sends out the compiled software
> > to clients and charges them for it or makes it available as part of a
> > commercial program such as training, etc. (i.e. to get around the idea of
> > selling the software itself they give it away but charge for a training
> > session, etc.)
> This also prevents the software from being distributed on a CD-ROM.
> > non-commercial community modifications which people could add on top of the
> > commercial version - or we might ask permission to compile into future
> > version.
> Sounds like you should start from the Sun Community Source License.
> > Also I've looked at the Apple Public Source License which I know has major
> > faults among the open source community can anyone answer the following:
> I had thought that APSL 1.1 was OSI certified, but I don't see it at the
> Web site.  RMS has said that it is not a Free Software license:
> see his comments (partly outdated) at
> .

Hearty agreements with John's comments.  Ben is not discussing open
source licenses, and I have little sympathy.

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