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Tue May 1 21:18:39 UTC 2001

Ben Sawyer wrote:

> I have a project where we would like to publish the source code to the
> project however we would like to restrict commercial redistribution or use
> of any kind by its users.  Specifically we don't want the following to
> occur:

Okay.  Be aware that such software cannot be Open Source, and so its
license can't be OSI Certified.  Nor is it Free Software.

I'm not FOADing you, but you may get little sympathy on this list.
> 1. User downloads software - recompiles and sends out the compiled software
> to clients and charges them for it or makes it available as part of a
> commercial program such as training, etc. (i.e. to get around the idea of
> selling the software itself they give it away but charge for a training
> session, etc.)

This also prevents the software from being distributed on a CD-ROM.

> non-commercial community modifications which people could add on top of the
> commercial version - or we might ask permission to compile into future
> version.

Sounds like you should start from the Sun Community Source License.
> Also I've looked at the Apple Public Source License which I know has major
> faults among the open source community can anyone answer the following:

I had thought that APSL 1.1 was OSI certified, but I don't see it at the
Web site.  RMS has said that it is not a Free Software license:
see his comments (partly outdated) at .

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